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a public participatory project

a pinch of peace

A PINCH OF PEACE is an ongoing participatory arts project, choreo-curated by The Floating Village, that invites participants to embody peace as a creative resource and as a creative response to the times we are in. The project uses 48 blankets (1948 being the year that The Human Rights Charter was adopted) and provides an inclusive platform for creative responses to the theme of embodying peace. 



The Blankets for Peace project invites local artists and inhabitants of  Lisdoonvarna town in North Clare to offer their creative responses, and to drop their blankets into The Elbow Room in the Burren Artists Studios at the Gentian Press (see below dates). The blankets will then form an installation for the public, and will be further used for multiple peace gatherings moving into 2024 and beyond!


To source this creativity in embodied peace, we start every hour during the below opening timings with a simple 20m guided movement practice, open to all abilities and experiences, entitled "A Pinch of Peace". This is offered as a way to experience ease through sensorial awareness and deep listening to the body. You may choose to witness or to partake, as you wish. A section of the studio will be dedicated to working on a blanket of peace during these times.

Valeria Skosarieva, Bernadette Divilly, Jackie Askew 

Trudy Van der Elsen, Abi Ighodaro, Áine Phillips

Dearbhla Glynn, Sithokozile Siba, Aindrias De Staic

Fiona Woods, Daire Skuze, Bernadette Hopkins

Russell Patrick Brown,Fiona O’Dwyer

Fergus Tighe, Zillah Francis, Judy O’Sullivan

Jackie Maurer, Maria Wood, Tara Baoth Mooney

Sarah Fuller,Danny Burke, Conor McGrady

Maria Kerin Walsh, Judy O’Sullivan

Finola Graham, Jean Moran

Donna Nunn, Rachel Sweeney
Marianne Patterton “Pomegranate Heart”
Sofia Amanda “Seat of Peace”
Lorcan O’Gairbhith “Peace Inside”
Nadia Volkova “Peace must be held”
Cath Taylor and Kristy Verenga “Round”
Emma Stuart Liberty
Herminias Ayala Reyes “Altar”
Frank Golden “We’re tired of your sympathy
Tessa Beth and Dana Tagar ”
Michaela Cuteya and her daughter Lea Cuteya
Michael Walsh and his niece Lily Walsh
Ana and Olena with Lisdoonvarna Ukrainian children’s


Marych O'Sullivan-Sanford, Phil Byrne, Jan Alexander,

Frank Sanford and Meg, Millie and Buster,

canine friends  ‘Paws for Peace’
Mary Fahy and art students from Ennistymon

Community School

Debbie Harrington, Saoirse Harrington, Shane Mahoney
Cia McElveen Walsh and Fergus Cronin,

‘Environmental Peace’

Veerla Claeys and student Tatiana Tsvietkova

Maeve Collins class College of FET Ennistymon Campus

Louise Allen and 14 Medicine Sweat Lodge participants

Opening Times to the Public


Sunday 10th    

12 pm – 2 pm Drop in blankets

 2 pm - 4 pm                  Embody peace, create blankets

4.30pm PEACE PROCESSION from the Square in Lisdoonvarna to The Elbow Room at The Gentian Press 

 5 pm - 6pm Viewing of Blankets of Peace        


Monday 11th     11 am – 1pm        Embody peace, create blankets

Tuesday 12th    7 pm – 9pm        Embody peace, create blankets

Wednesday 13th    1pm – 3pm   Embody peace, create blankets

Thursday 14th  11 am – 1pm         Embody peace, create blankets

Friday 15th    3pm – 5pm            Embody peace, create blankets

Monday 18th     11am – 1pm        Embody peace, create blankets

Tuesday 19th    3pm – 5pm         Embody peace, create blankets

Wednesday 20th   2pm – 4pm  Embody peace, create blankets

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