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ARTICULATED THRESHOLDS describes a series of public conversations and embodied dialogue, where Maria and Rachel have been developing movement land explorations in the Burren region of County Clare, asking how adaptation might act as a strategy to inform our conscious encounter with radical change.


To date, there have been three open studio sharings, in the Burren College of Art visitors studios, which have taken the form of facilitated embodied forums that provide a platform for archaeologists, artists, dancers, elders, ecologists and shamans to share local knowledge and contribute to a collective understanding of body-land relationships through a post site-specific appraoch. (Jan, Feb, March 2020)


Our collaboration has developed under the Swedish Irish expanded research framework of Karum-Creevagh experimental heritage explorations and is part supported by Creative Ireland.

Articulating Thresholds, BCA, 20.jpg

Burren College of Arts Arts Residency
Ballyvaughan, Co Clare.
February 2020

Following a two week residency at the Burren College of Art (February 2020), we have been exchanging somatic practices, listening to how our bodies perceive shifts in temperature, terrain and territory, and reflecting on how movement based arts practices orient physical perceptions of space in relation to change.

St Flannans well, drawing performance 2019.JPG


We follow a multitemporal approach that separates out layers of bodily consciousness /knowledge through a sensorial, somatic spatio-temporal practice (deep listening), aligned with the idea of body-mapping ie. reading the geometric, topographic and climatic conditions of a place. In recognising the importance of experiencing and exploring place through embodied knowledge, our work acknowledges phenomenological aspects of a cultural heritage agenda including time travel through body cells, body as archive, and repertoire holding cultural memory. Our multidisciplinary methods allow for information/body knowledge to be cross-referenced with archaeological and cultural heritage data including the social function, habitual uses and mythical and ritual characteristics of rituals as well other aspects such as geological and meteorological conditions.

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