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Karum Creevagh


Experimental Heritage is a research field that we develop together in close collaboration between archaeologists, heritage and culture workers and artists. Experimental Heritage is about interpreting the past and its role in our times, i.e. the role that the past has for us here and now. The starting point for Experimental Heritage explorations is the present and how the atmosphere that surrounds us affects our relationship with the past. This means that heritage, instead of being something static and once and for all settled, becomes something dynamic and changeable, something we can consider repeatedly and in new ways.

Karum-Creevagh involves archaeologists, artists and cultural heritage workers with the aim to establish a transdisciplinary and translocal practice of Experimental Heritage in a Swedish-Irish context. Experimental Heritage explores new ways of combining art, archaeology and heritage within these landscapes.

The project is situated simultaneously in the Burren and Kilshanny, northern Clare, western Ireland and south-eastern Sweden including the island of Öland – landscapes both similar and different. The name Karum-Creevagh emanates from two specific areas in Clare and on the island of Öland.

Experimental Heritage organized a digital exhibition entitled Minnesportar / Memory Portals during the summer and autumn 2020, from 13 July to 1 November 2020. 


Creevagh Arts and Archaeology Collective

Creevagh logo_edited.jpg

Creevagh Arts and Archaeology Collective are a group of diverse practitioners engaging with local heritage in rural areas with community, transdisciplinary interaction and co-creation. 

through the translocal, multitemporal process of Experimental Heritage. See


2022 Members include

Danny Burke, musician, archaeologist, ecologist

Deirdre Carr, poet,

Maria Kerin artist/curator/choreographer

Mary Nunan, dance artist

Patricia McKenna, artist

Ros O’Maolduin, archaeologist

Rachel Sweeney, dance artist

Michael Walsh graphic designer, photographer

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