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Rachel and Maria propose a series of tidal memory workshops around rural coastal  sites across Ireland, following their ongoing inquiry  into water, temporality and the body, further informed by the Stories from the Bottom of the Lake symposium and workshops.


TIDAL MEMORY Movement Workshop 

26th March 2022
10.00 – 13.00 Garter Lane Dance Studio

Rachel and Marie invite all South East movement-based artists working in environmental practices to join them for a workshop based on their ongoing research project ‘SALTLINES’, supported by a Waterford County Council Arts Fund. In this workshop we will be inquiring into somatic processes and developing compositional tools for working from site to studio, particularly exploring our relationship to water, both inside and outside of the body. This workshop forms part of a larger movement ecology inquiry into water, temporality and the body through Rachel and Maria's ongoing practice as part of The Floating Village.

Suitable for anyone interested in exploring ecological movement-based thinking and creative compositional tools for moving and working outdoors.

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